App of the Month: October 2015

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User-friendly, engaging, and interactive 3D app with visually stunning representations of the whole brain, its major structures, and substructures. With rotation/zoom capability, this app is rich in supplemental information including informational overviews for each of the 29 highlighted brain structures, including their functions, subsection identification, case studies, impact of damage to the identified area, associated cognitive and mental health disorders, and related research/literature reviews with links. 3D Brain is an excellent resource for presentations/trainings, counselor education courses, readings on neuroscience, counseling with individuals, families, groups, and as part of School Counseling classroom work.  This app could also be very useful in psychoeducational strategies to highlight the interrelationship between brain health/functioning and lifestyle choices.  Can be used alone or in conjunction with other wellness promotion apps.  For a plethora of additional related resources, go to their interactive online site -



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