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App of the Month

September 2016: "Plickers"

Plickers is a highly rated, user friendly, unique, and engaging way to conduct real time surveys, polls, tabulations, and multiple forms of formative assessment. This IOS and Android app and its associated voting card templates are free. While the surveyor needs to have WIFI access and the downloaded app, respondents do not.  Respondents indicate their response to the surveyor’s multiple-choice or true/false questions by holding their assigned Plickers card in the direction which corresponds to their option choice. The surveyor then scans all of the respondent cards using their smart device, which collects and tallies the results in real time. This app has been rated as being appropriate for ages 4 and older. 


September 2016 App of the Month: “Plickers”;  Week 1 

September 2016 App of the Month: “Plickers”;  Week 2 

September 2016 App of the Month: “Plickers”;  Week 3 

September 2016 App of the Month: “Plickers”;  Week 4 

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