App of the Month

November 2015: "Fooducate"

Do you ever wish you had nutritional values of food you're eating at your fingertips? Now you do with the Fooducate free app. This handy app provides information about food and nutritional values on-the-go or at home. It works on a grade rating system A+-F to help you make more informed food choices. Fooducate even features popular chain restaurants to help you make decisions while dining out. This app offers a rational for their ratings to help you understand the food you eat on another more nutritional level. Fooducate offers in-app purchasing for those looking to follow special diets such as gluten free. 

Nov. 2015 App of the Month- Fooducate Week 1:Free iPhone/Apple Watch/Android app

Nov. 2015 App of the Month- Fooducate; Week 2- Counseling Ideas

Nov. 2015 App of the Month- Fooducate; Week 3- What people are saying about Fooducate

Nov. 2015 App of the Month- Fooducate; Week 4- Thanksgiving Edition: Nutrition for the Holidays


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