App of the Month

May 2015: OWAVES

This unique app visually depicts daily activities during both sleeping and waking hours, illustrating individual wellness routines in a whole new way. This app allows users to see which areas of their life may need adjustment and/or change, helping its users to achieve the ultimate balance. New features allow data and progress to be tracked over time in weeks, months, and years. Data is recorded by the date entered.

May 2015 App of the Month: OWAVES- The World's First Wellness Planner. Free app (iPhone/ iPad) 

May 2015 App of the Month - OWAVES; Week 2: Counseling ideas. 

May 2015 App of the Month - OWAVES; Week 3: Hypothetical case study involving "John" - the lawyer. 

May 2015 App of the Month - OWAVES; Week 4: Using OWAVES to enhance brain health, overall wellbeing, & stress management. 


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