App of the Month

June 2015: "Centered: Good Habits. Good Life"

This app allows users to track up to 3 habits that they desire to change (optional upgrade allows for 3+). Guided by a color coded visual measurement system users track their progress daily on a likert type scale. The Centered app also includes a journaling feature that allows a quick note to be generated, elaborating on daily progress, each time you track your habits through this app.

June 2015 App of the Month: “Centered: Good Habits. Good Life”. Free app (iPhone/iPad)

June 2015 App of the Month-“Centered”; Week 2: Counseling Ideas. 

June 2015 App of the Month-“Centered”; Week 3: Hypothetical case study- “John”. 

June 2015 App of the Month-Week 4; Using “Centered: Good Habits. Good Life” to help “John” improve sleep & eating habits.


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