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App of the Month

January 2016: "PDF Cabinet"

A well designed, intuitive, user-friendly PDF Reading app that allows users to annontate, sync, collaborate, and import documents in real-time with other app users. With customizable annotation tools, the ability to sync original and annotated folders with iCloud and DropBox, as well as real-time collaboration and multiple importing options, this app's possibilities for potential uses are endless.

Jan. 2016 App of the Month: PDFCabinet 2.0 (iPad only; Free app)- Week 1

Jan. 2016 App of the Month: PDF Cabinet - Week 2; Noteworthy Features

Jan. 2016 App of the Month:PDF Cabinet-Week 3: Counseling Toolbox Ideas

Jan. 2016 App of the Month:PDFCabinet - Week 4:

A Reality Therapy/Choice Theory-based counseling activity

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