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U-Z and #
  • Venn Diagram (Included in January 2016 ATM Week 4)
    • ​​Unique multipurpose brainstorming app that allows users to organize their thoughts into a venn diagram with either two or three overlapping circles. Great visual-learning tool. 
                                              Google Play
  • Word Dance (March 2017 ATM)
    • Word Dance is a user-friendly, highly rated word cloud video creator app.  (IOS only; $2.99) Users can choose from a variety of app-provided images (in their original form or as a mirror or inverted image), import images from their photo library, add music, import Twitter timeline, combine multiple word cloud videos, and customize in many other ways. Created videos are automatically saved to the user's photo library. 
  • You Are Important
    • Powerful, moving, and supportive video messages from GLBTQ individuals and allies targeting GLBTQ teens and young adults (from the "It Gets Better" and "You Can Play" campaigns). An amazing supportive resource.
  • 3D Brain (October 2015 ATM) 
    • ​User-friendly, engaging, and interactive 3D app with visually stunning representations of the whole brain, its major structures, and substructures. With rotation/zoom capability, this app is rich in supplemental information including informational overviews for each of the 29 highlighted brain structures, including their functions, subsection identification, case studies, impact of damage to the identified area, associated cognitive and mental health disorders, and related research/literature reviews with links. 3D Brain is an excellent resource for presentations/trainings, counselor education courses, readings on neuroscience, counseling with individuals, families, groups, and as part of School Counseling classroom work.  This app could also be very useful in psychoeducational strategies to highlight the interrelationship between brain health/functioning and lifestyle choices.  Can be used alone or in conjunction with other wellness promotion apps.  For a plethora of additional related resources, go to their interactive online site -
                                              Google Play
Apps A-F
  • C25K (September 2015 ATM)
    • C25K-Couch to 5K- is an engaging motivational tool for individuals who are looking to step up their fitness regimen but have been out of the game a while. This app uses small training intervals to gradually work users up from a quick walking pace to running a 5K in just 8 weeks. This great fitness tool has a pro version for $2.99 with some great additional features.
                                              Google Play
  • Caricartoon
    • ​Funny cartoon caricature maker by Miinu Limited. This app is user-friendly, customizable and would be a nice compliment to comic book creator apps.
  • Centered (June 2015 ATM)
    • This app allows users to track up to 3 habits that they desire to change (optional upgrade allows for 3+). Guided by a color coded visual measurement system users track their progress daily on a likert type scale. The Centered app also includes a journaling feature that allows a quick note to be generated, elaborating on daily progress, each time you track your habits through this app.
  • Change Talk (February 2017 ATM)
    • Although this skill-building app was developed for pediatricians and other healthcare providers, by the American Academy of Pediatrics and Kognito, with a focus on addressing obesity-related issues, it provides an excellent primer on Motivational Interviewing (MI) for counselors as well. Built into the app is an interactive role-play simulation which is accompanied by useful intervention prompts, internal feedback/reactions of the patient/client, and virtual "coaching" with the rationale for the provided feedback.
                                              Google Play
  • Chirp (May 2016 ATM)
    • This free app provides an easy, fun, and unique way to share photos, short videos, links, and brief notes with others; the files are transmitted/received using sound waves via the built-in speaker of your mobile device. All that's required is a network connection and running the app.
                                               Google Play
  • Edmodo
    • Useful resource for students and educators, with impressive course management, communication, monitoring,  polling, file sharing, and professional development features. 
                                              Google Play
  • Explain Everything
    • An engaging and user-friendly screencasting app that allows users to create video content to explain concepts, ideas,and guides. A great app for flipped classrooms and for creating how-to/instructional videos, Allows users to annotate, and also narrate documents, photos, and videos.
      • Cost: $3.99 (Apple)/ Free Time Limited Trial (Google Play)
      • Get it on: Apple App Store
                                              Google Play
  • Fooducate (November 2015 ATM)
    • Do you ever wish you had nutritional values of food you're eating at your fingertips? Now you do with the Fooducate free app. This handy app provides information about food and nutritional values on-the-go or at home. It works on a grade rating system A+-F to help you make more informed food choices. Fooducate even features popular chain restaurants to help you make decisions while dining out. This app offers a rational for their ratings to help you understand the food you eat on another more nutritional level. Fooducate offers in-app purchasing for those looking to follow special diets such as gluten free. 
                                              Google Play
Apps G-O
  • Hootsuite
    • ​A "social media management" app that allows users to post to multiple social media platforms simultaneously. Supports Facebook, Instagram, Linked-in, and Twitter. Supports up to 3 accounts at a time on the free version.
                                              Google Play
  • Meetup (December 2015 ATM)
    • Meetup describes itself as the "world's largest network of local interest groups." Meetup is an app designed to help people connect locally through common interests and community involvement. With the option to join an existing group or start your own, Meetup users can pursue a new, existing, or dormant hobby/interest and connect with others through this community building and social networking tool.
                                              Google Play
  • Mindly (January 2017 ATM)
    • ​An organizational brainstorming app that provides a visually stimulating way to organize thoughts and ideas for presentations, academics, or personal use. This eye-catching app could aid in project planning, brainstorming sessions, thought organization, and would be great to visualize with clients, and depict multi-layered issues, feelings, reactions and behaviors.
                                              Google Play
  • Owaves (May 2015 ATM)
    • This unique app visually depicts daily activities during both sleeping and waking hours, illustrating individual wellness routines in a whole new way. This app allows users to see which areas of their life may need adjustment and/or change, helping its users to achieve the ultimate balance. New features allow data and progress to be tracked over time in weeks, months, and years. Data is recorded by the date entered.
Apps P-R
  • PDF Cabinet (January 2016 ATM)
    • A well designed, intuitive, user-friendly PDF Reading app that allows users to annontate, sync, collaborate, and import documents in real-time with other app users. With customizable annotation tools, the ability to sync original and annotated folders with iCloud and DropBox, as well as real-time collaboration and multiple importing options, this app's possibilities for potential uses are endless.
  • Piggy Bot
    • This is a delightful, well constructed, intuitive, and user-friendly financial literacy app which both parents and their children will enjoy. Although the developers describe the app as being for children aged 6-8 years old, it could easily be used with a 5 year old and possibly with a child as young as 4. This parent-controlled and child/parent password protected app is engaging, interactive, highly customizable, and visually pleasing. Through this app, children begin to learn the importance of goal setting and working/saving for the things that they want. Children also learn - by doing - about purposive/intentional saving and spending, as well as the importance of giving back and sharing/donating.  The app occasionally experiences operational hiccups, which can be corrected by restarting your mobile device.


  • Plickers (September 2016 ATM)
    • ​Plickers is a simple, user friendly, free, and creative way to conduct real time surveys/polls. While the surveyor needs to have WIFI access and the downloaded free Plickers app, responders do not.  Respondents indicate their response to the surveyor’s multiple-choice (of 4 or less voting options) or true/false questions by holding their assigned Plickers card in the direction which corresponds to their option choice. The surveyor then scans all of the respondent cards using their mobile device then which collects and tallies the results in real time. 
                                              Google Play
  • Post-it Plus (February 2016 ATM)
    • A versatile, user-friendly, customizable productivity app which allows the user to "capture" and digitize paper/analog post-it notes, and then edit and organize the resulting digital post-its. This app can also create digital post-it notes from scratch and is able to "capture" up to 50 paper post-it notes at a time.
  • Provider Resilience
    • ​Although this app was originally designed for health care providers treating military personnel, it is a great fit for any counselor, helping professional, or layperson interested in tracking their self-care regimen. Aimed at preventing burnout among helping professionals, this app puts burnout prevention and wellness enhancement at the forefront, offering self-assessments and vacation trackers to remind users of the importance of self-care monitoring.
                                              Google Play
  • QR Reader (November 2016 ATM)
    • This free, user-friendly iPhone, iPad, and Android QR code reader not only scans/reads QR codes, but barcodes, URL's, and business cards, as well. Use it to also create QR codes for URL's, phone numbers, email addresses, brief text, geolocations, events, and business cards.  It can additionally function as a digital PDF scanner. Offers multiple share and export options.
      • ​Free
      • Get it on: Apple App Store - (1) iPhone   (2) iPad
                                               Google Play
  • Remind (June 2016 ATM)
    • ​A free user-friendly IOS and Android text messaging app which allows "instructors" to quickly and easily send reminders, updates, announcements, files, links, photos, text and audio messages, and simple polls to their "students" and/or their parents.  Options of advance scheduling of messages, setting up 2-way "chats", establishing chat "office hours", and translating messages into multiple languages.
                                               Google Play




Apps S-T
  • Sleep Time: Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm (August 2015 ATM)
    • ​A combination sleep cycle alarm clock and customizable sleep analysis tool. This movement-based smart clock is designed to gently wake the user up during the lightest sleep cycle that is close to their designated wake-up time.
                                              Google Play
  • Smiling Mind (July 2015 ATM)
    • Smiling Mind is a guided meditation app fit for all ages. The app offers six mindfulness "programs" - four of which are categorized  by age group (7-11 year olds; 12-15 year olds; 16-22 year olds; and adults). There are two additional programs: "Bite Size" (lasting 1-4 minutes) and  "Extended" (15-45 minutes) meditations characterized by age group and meditation duration.  Users are able to rate themselves - pre and post mindfulness practice- on several dimensions, such as whether the user feels "energized" or "tired"; "connected" or "disconnected", etc. The app tracks the user's total number of completed meditations and rewards the user with a digital "achievement " medal when the user completes a specific meditation for the first time. 
      • Free. This app is available at no cost, however the developers request donations to fund their work to "create happier, healthier, and more compassionate young people".
      • Get it on: Apple App Store 
                                            Google Play


  • Socrative
    • Excellent counselor education resource for formative, surveys,  and "exit tickets".  Works with companion Socrative student app. 
                                              Google Play
  • Spinny Wheel (March 2016 ATM)
    • ​A customizable and engaging activity tool app that allows users to create exercise/activity spinners for a unique interactive experience. This app is ideal for individual and group counseling, classroom interventions, training, and preventive counseling. Users have sound, color, and number choice along with other customizable options.  Great for all ages.
  • Survey Monkey (August 2016 ATM)
    • ​A survey and analytical tool for data collection and display. An amazing professional app with endless customizable options that allows users to monitor survey results in real-time. Free download and use with plan options for larger companies/surveys; educational discounts available. Although the surveyor needs a survey monkey account, survey respondents can connect via hyperlink and complete/submit the survey on any computer or smart mobile device. Survey Monkey offers the option of anonymity, and has several question format options. The survey analytics are clean, professional, and eye-catching.
      • ​Free with optional packages for larger surveys/companies and educators
      • Get it on: Apple App Store
                                              Google Play
  • Team Shake (October 2016 ATM)
    • This user-friendly app has utility in multiple venues and across multiple age groups. The user can create up to 64 teams/groups using saved participant lists, across a variety of dimensions, such as gender and skill level, and random selection of participants. Also has the side effect of enhancing group cohesiveness and learning of names. Excellent for counselor education, training, and preventive counseling.

                                            Google Play


  • Ted
    • This great app is a host site for Ted Talk videos. With a wide variety of talks from around the world on anything from technology to academics, this app is a great resource for all ages. Ideal for educators with the option to download content to later be played offline.
                                              Google Play
  • Tellagami (July 2016 ATM)
    • This unique app allows users to create a "gami" (brief video) with personalized avitar narrator. With the ability to share via Facebook, Twitter, text or email, "gamis" are ideal for formative assessment, how-to or instructional videos, welcome messages, etc.
  • Together Strong
    • ​Although this app was originally created to aid providers in helping military clients, it is also ideal for individuals looking to learn more about Motivational Interviewing. Formatted as a role-play, users learn and build conversational skills through virtual exchanges with fictional veterans and service members, in this excellent interactive professional development tool. 
                                              Google Play
  • Twitter (December 2016 ATM)
    • A social media platform that goes far beyond simplistic social connections. For practicing professional MH, school, and student affairs counselors and counselor educators, Twitter is an app that offers professional development and other information retrieval, access to current data and issues, the creation and analysis of single question multiple-choice surveys/polls, information dissemination, content curation, networking, analytics, and much much more.
                                              Google Play

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